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Share is a censorship-resistant publishing platform for sharing things that matter!

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Build a community of readers

Everything you need to Publish and earn

Discover a new way to share your writings, in a decentralized and censorship-resistant way. Connect with your readers like never before


Write simply and publish fast with an easy-to-use text editor. Everything you need to write great writing powered by AI tools


Make your readers active members of your community. Offer exclusive privileges to your collectors with Token-Gated features.


Monetize your community of readers easily and in the way you want. By publishing, curating or attracting Superfollowers

Write easily and Publish fast

Write your writings with our easy to use text editor, configure the monetisation options with Lens Protocol. Once published, the writings are stored forever on the Arweave Blockain, nobody can touch them.

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Build and grow your Community

We know that the connection with your readers is important, that's why we offer you all the tools to build a strong relationship. Create Token-Gated access/events for your most loyal readers, your only limit is your imagination.

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Make a living from your writing

Monetize your reader community

Get paid for the high-quality writings you publish. With the power of DEFI, maximize your revenue by automatically placing it on AAVE or in a Vault

Configure how your readers will collect your writings, price, limited supply, limited time, token-gated ...
You can set a price for each person who will follow you. Set the price and the crypto-currency, and each follower will be monetized
Optimize Earnings.
Thanks to decentralized finance, you will be able to optimize your revenues by automatically investing them on AAVE or a Vault and generate income

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230$ 0.1 ETH

Decreased by 3.2%

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