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Everything you need to Publish and earn

Discover a new way to share your writings, in a censorship-resistant way. Connect with your readers like never before


Write simply and publish fast with an easy-to-use block text editor. Everything you need to write great novels.


Make your readers active members of your community. Offer privileged experiences for your most loyal fans via digital collectibles.


Monetize your community of readers easily and in the way you want. With your readers' analytics reports, optimize your readership's reach

Write easily and Publish fast

From the first few seconds, you will be able to take control of our text editor and start writing. Your writings are also protected against plagiarism.

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Build and grow your Community

We believe that building a strong relationship with your readers is key to your success as a writer. That's why we go beyond just providing tools – we strive to create an inclusive and vibrant community where writers can flourish and connect with their readers in meaningful ways.

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Everything you need is here

You need an all-in-one platform?

Don't waste your time juggling several platforms to publish, communicate without getting any remuneration. All your readers and publishing houses will know where to find you

Block text editor.
We use a modern and very easy to use text editor. The users of notions will not be disoriented
Create you cover.
If you are not very good in graphic design, you can create very simply the cover of your book with our cover editor
Digital collectibles.
Collect the books that make you vibrate, create a strong link with your favorite authors
Collaborative writing.
Write stories with four or more hands in real time
Generate additional revenue through advertisements displayed when reading chapters of your books
Share your news with your readers, how you are doing today, the date of your next signing session or a picture of your cat!

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